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Martin is a main character in The Rain. He was a soldier and was sent to create barriers to contain the virus, but his entire team died and he soon met Patrick. The two of them would rob anyone they came across until they decided to stick with Beatrice, Jean, and Lea instead of robbing them.


Martin used to be a soldier. He was assigned to a look-out post at the border of the quarantine zone, established when the rain started. A woman with a baby came walking up to the bridge where he was stationed. He warned her to turn around, but she kept walking. According to his orders, he should have shot her, but he couldn't get himself to shoot an unarmed woman with a baby. When he returns to camp, he finds his entire squad has been infected by the woman, who had already been in contact with the rain, and they have all died.  

Martin sets out on his own and meets Patrick at a gas station, the two have a smoke and get along quite well. They decide to stick together and rob other survivors for food, which is how they meet Beatrice, Lea and Jean. Martin starts to like the three of them, but Patrick believes they are dead weight and they should leave them. One night, Beatrice climbs into bed with him and they have sex, which cements Martin's idea to stay with them despite Patrick's doubts. Their group continues to rob other survivors for food, and when Simone leaves the bunker to look around they spot her. They decide to block the air vents which will force them out of the bunker, so they can take their food.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

"Avoid Contact"[]

After escaping from Apollon soldiers, Martin devised a plan to lure the soldiers away in a car while his comrades fled on foot. After gaining some distance, he jumped out of the moving car before regrouping. He has everyone go for supplies, with Simone tending his wound from diving out of the moving car. Later, he finds who he thinks is the organization they're looking for, but they tell him to back away because the area is contaminated. Eventually they managed to gain their invitation to their base of scientists, but Martin, fuelled by Patrick's paranoia, remained suspicious of the scientists.

When Patrick completely changed tack, Martin eventually relaxed and began to mess around, which angered Simone. He attempted to apologize, to no avail. However, she later came to her senses and apologized, after which point they had sex, and Martin promised to never leave her.

"The Truth Hurts"[]

With Simone planning to go after her father's old notes in search of a cure, Martin elected to go with her, leaving Patrick in charge in his absence. He and Simone came upon two survivors, Klaus and Johanne, who kindly took them in and noted that the Strangers ("Grey Ones") no longer hunt people down, but rather are simply looking for a boy to cure everyone. He became drunk on their moonshine, but was soon roused by Simone. Martin got up just in time to disarm Klaus before he fired on Simone, who had just killed Johanne. Martin and Simone left Klaus to grieve over Johanne.

Martin comforted Simone as they continued for the computer. At the house, he distracted the Apollon guards while Simone retrieved the computer. Although he was captured, he pretended to be willing to reveal Rasmus' location, taking the opportunity to light a guard on fire with alcohol and escape.

"Stay in Control"[]

Martin laid out blankets for himself and Simone to enjoy wine and music, until Patrick interrupted them to show Martin the new electromagnetic device he had found. He then set about defending the base when he learned of Sten's ultimatum, but reversed course when he realized that Simone was lying to him about the danger Rasmus presented; he would now deliver Rasmus to Apollon, and locked Simone in the lab to prevent her obstruction.

"Save Yourself"[]

Although Simone now detested Martin for his actions, he went with her to search for Rasmus. He tried and failed repeatedly to regain her trust, until at some point he was ambushed by Klaus, who took them all hostage. In a bind, he revealed to Klaus how he could find Rasmus, despite Simone's protestations. Klaus then released him, and they departed together. They eventually found Simone again, with Klaus threatening to kill her and her brother, but Martin used the opportunity to disarm Klaus and kill him with his own gun.

In the aftermath, Simone broke off her relationship with Martin, so he left in anger, calling her "naïve" as he went. As he sat, tearfully in the base, Patrick came to him and showed him what he had learned about removing the nanocapsules from their bodies, allowing them to leave the zone. Pleased, Martin found solace in Patrick, deciding to team up to find a way to remove them and abandoning the rest of the group.

"Keep It Together"[]

Patrick supports Martin after leaving Simone, but Martin is concerned that Patrick doesn't know how to remove their nanocapsules once they reach the secret lab. After avoiding capture by Apollon, he reaches the lab where he discovers strange experiments. He is then locked in a room with a mad scientist who intends to allow the virus to flood the room, so Martin uses the scientist's hand to unlock the door and save everyone. The scientist then reveals that it is not possible to cure the virus, as each attempt makes it stronger, so Martin rushes back to warn Simone before she cures Rasmus.

"Survival of the Fittest"[]

Martin is captured by Apollon and sentenced to death, but Kira turncoats and helps him get back to the base where Simone is. Going inside, he reunites with Simone and reconciles with her. When they meet Jean again, Martin tries to reason with Jean and nearly succeeds, but when he sees Rasmus Jean blasts Martin with a deadly alarm. Kira disables the alarm and they continue on until Sarah is shot. Rasmus kills everyone pursuing them, Simone follows Rasmus, and Martin follows Simone. When Simone is nearly enveloped by a cloud of virus from Rasmus, Martin tries to reason with Rasmus as well, but this incenses Rasmus and he sends a cloud hurtling toward Martin. At the last moment the cloud dissipates, following Simone shooting her own brother, saving Martin.

Season 3[]

"Don't Give Up"[]

Martin remains with Simone, in love, as they travel toward the edge of the zone so that Simone can go forward to get help from the outside world. Simone soon doubles back, and Martin realizes that she's been captured, so he sneaks into Apollon with Kira's help. He fights his way through to try to locate Simone, but sees her many yards away on a bridge, where she jumps off. Horrified, Martin beats on the glass until he is detained by Apollon agents.

"Never Let Go"[]

Martin is brought out to be dumped into a lake, but breaks free and kills his guards, taking their gear as a disguise. She seeks out Patrick and Fie to leave the area, but Patrick doesn't want to leave. He reveals himself to Rasmus to get his attention, but is then dragged away by guards. Rasmus grants his audience, and "proves" to him that Simone is dead because her tracking beacon is unresponsive. Martin is left depressed, and when Rasmus visits him next, he agrees to take on the virus so that he can be powerful enough to save those he loves, as he wasn't powerful enough to save Simone.

"Stay Strong"[]

Martin is taken away to a secure room until Rasmus frees him and asks him with saving Sarah. Martin does so, allowing Rasmus to kill Sten. After that, Martin receives the virus from Rasmus.

"Be the Change You Want in the World"[]

Martin's new virus has him feeling boundless good health and energy, so he completely waves off a doctor trying to test him. He eventually finds out that Patrick hid from him the fact that Simone is alive, so he takes this news to Rasmus. Rasmus wishes to leave, but Sarah wishes him to stay, so Martin elects to go after Simone for them. When he finds them, he sees Simone kissing Daniel.

"Love Yourself"[]

Martin reveals himself to Simone, who hugs him. Later, he tries to convince Simone that Rasmus has changed and is more reasonable since killing Sten, telling Kira as well. While alone with the flower cure, he has an odd reaction and leaves a splotch of virus nearby. He convinces her that a single vial of nectar cannot cure the entire world, and coming to agree with him after getting over her emotions, they both depart together for Apollon. Before going, Martin meets Daniel, and is quite amicable with him.

On the way to Apollon, Martin doesn't want to stop, and his virus allows him to walk tirelessly while Simone grows tired. She insists on stopping, tells him she loves him, and Martin says he loves Simone back. At camp, he asks if she'll always be with him, which she agrees with. However, that morning, he has the virus visible on him that he cannot suppress, so he leaves to calm down. When Simone comes to him, he's fine again, and discusses how Sarah is still alive (sustained by the virus) and the goodness of having the virus. Simone becomes emotional and won't countenance it, and agitates Martin, which brings out the virus and reveals it to Simone.

Simone throws her promise never to abandon him out the window the moment she realizes he's infected. She refuses even to consider his explanation, and although he forces the issue, she won't take him seriously and instead needles him until he loses control. She demands that he take untested nectar for her to even consider him anymore, and although his virus flares up and defends itself, enshrouding Simone, Martin struggles mightily to drink the nectar to stop it. This kills the virus within him, which kills him with it.

"And This Too Shall Pass"[]

Simone thinks back on all her memories with Martin while crying in bed. The group decides to bury Martin at the top of a hill nearby, and Simone breaks down beside the grave. Daniel finds out that the flower has come back to life and while they inspect it they realize that it feeds off of the virus, which means that Martin has saved them. Rasmus believes that Simone killed Martin and decides that him and all of the people that he has infected have to kill her. As they head over they come across Martin's grave and Rasmus gives a speech that they will end up like him if they don't kill Simone and the others.


Martin is the leader of the group that raids the bunker in which Simone and Rasmus have been living for six years, and that they ultimately join. At first Martin seems heartless and intimidating, but quite quickly he shows his kinder sides, and he proves himself to be brave, loyal, and fiercely protective of his friends. While Simone often acts as a voice of empathetic reason to him, thanks to his experience he is better at doing what needs to be done.   

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Season One (8/8)
  1. Stay Inside
  2. Stay Together
  3. Avoid The City
  4. Trust No One
  5. Have Faith
  6. Keep Your Friends Close
  7. Don't Talk To Strangers
  8. Trust Your Instincts
Season Two (6/6)
  1. "Avoid Contact"
  2. "The Truth Hurts"
  3. "Stay in Control"
  4. "Save Yourself"
  5. "Keep It Together"
  6. "Survival of the Fittest"
Season Three (6/6)
  1. "Don't Give Up"
  2. "Never Let Go"
  3. "Stay Strong"
  4. "Be the Change You Want in the World"
  5. "Love Yourself" (death)
  6. "And This Too Shall Pass" (body)

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